Our Story

The term “YaYa” was a nickname given to our late sister, Lara. As children, co-founder, Jason, was unable to pronounce Lara’s name properly (lah-rah). Thus, the nickname YaYa was born. It stuck with her throughout her life.

Lara was an avid proponent of helping people, kindness, academia, and most importantly, beer. So after Lara tragically passed away on March 18, 2014, her brothers knew what had to be done. Co-founder and Brewmaster, Chris, had been involved in the home-brewing scene since the early-2000s and knew it was time to take the step into the big leagues. The decision was made over beers at a piano bar in Clarksville, Tennessee.

We strive to create beers that would make our sister proud; brewed with integrity, character, and pride. In true Lara form, we also intend to lend a hand to the community in which we live. As such, a percentage of all tasting room sales of our flagship beer, Angel IPA, will be donated to local charities.