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Angel IPA // 6.5% // grapefruit + spring flowers

Our take on the classic west coast India Pale Ale. The hops are front and center to this beer, but the overwhelming hop bitterness that is pervasive to the style is non-existent. Warrior, Amarillo, Palisade, and Citra hops make for slightly-citrus and heavy floral sensory characteristics.

Fluffy Puffy Sunshine // 6.5% // ripe orange + soft body

This true-to-type New England India Pale Ale is a citrus-centric beverage with a creamy, big body. Citra and El Dorado provide orange fruit characteristics and the hefty amount of oats leaves enough residual sugars for a large body and completely opaque appearance. Very low bitterness.

Point To Point // 6.8% // orange + ripe stone fruit

This seasonal New England IPA is back. Hopped with varietals from both hemispheres – Rakau + Simcoe – we really tried to highlight the amazing products that come from both hop-growing regions. Tons of orange and stone fruit throughout with an aroma that can only be described as “the whole damn orchard”.

1603 // 4.8% // lemon + straw + crisp

Somewhere in between an ale and a lager lies the Kölsch-style beverage. Super light and crisp, made specifically for game days and/or tailgating, this beer is almost too easy to drink. Heavy notes of lemon and dry straw from the classic Perle hop – straight out of Germany, where this style of beer was originally derived.

Division St // 8.1% // grapefruit + orange

This beer went from grain to keg in ten days. That’s insanely fast, and it’s all due to the fast-acting Voss Kveik yeast used for fermentation. This strain of yeast is unique in the fact that it loves high temperatures (85-90°), which is roughly 20-30° higher than normal ale fermentation temps. Amarillo + Falconer’s Flight + Vic Secret create a delightfully tropical double New England IPA with the funky backend bitterness expected from a Kveik-fermented beverage. This beer slaps.

Dishman Hills // 5.3% // lemon + straw

Dishman Hills is an unfiltered Pilsner brewed with 100% locally-grown malts. Hopped with Saaz, the aroma on this beer is downright absurd thanks to the high levels of Humulene oils. Crisp and slightly bitter from the low alpha acids, Dishman Hills exudes notes of lemon and pepper with the prominent characteristic of dry straw.

Hammer Pants // 7.8% // tart + peach + banana

A mixed fermentation of traditional French yeast supplemented by additional wild yeasts created this tart and fruit-forward French Saison. We hopped this easy-drinker with Warrior and Calypso, creating heavy notes of peach with a slight back-end of banana and clove. Deliciously tart.

The Beginning // 5.3% // dry straw

A super approachable American classic style. This Blonde Ale is hopped with Cascade + Warrior and steeped in 100% local malts for noticeably earthy characteristics throughout. Neither the malt nor the hops are dominating; both work in perfect harmony to create one of the easiest beer styles to enjoy.

Soprano// 5.7% // raspberry + tart

Unlike a Wild Sour, a Fruited Kettle Sour doesn’t have many sensory complexities. They are what you expect. After the mash, the wort is left in the kettle for nearly 48 hours in order to let the Lactobacillus do its job: make the beer sour. After the boil, where Pacifica hops and lactose are added, we introduce raspberry puree to give it some oomph. The entire process leads to a beer that is tart, sweet, and tastes like…well…raspberries.

Barrel-Aged By & By // 7.5% // oak + chocolate

We took By & By, our cinnamon chocolate milk stout, and put it into oak barrels for over six months. This aged delight is super smooth and creamy. Slight cinnamon on the back-end is supplemented perfectly by oak, raisin, chocolate and slight whiskey throughout.

By and By // 7.0% // cinnamon + chocolate

Almost a dessert beer, this Milk Stout includes post-fermentation additions of cinnamon sticks and chocolate. With a classic stout grain bill plus lactose in the boil, the end result is a heavy-bodied delight with slight cinnamon character. The addition of Glacier hops adds a minimal bitterness due to the relatively low alpha acid content.

The Squeeze // 4.9% // mango + apricot

The perfect summer sipper. This fruited wheat ale is made with loads of white wheat and pale malt for a solid but light base. Once fermentation is complete, mango and apricot purees are added to create an enjoyable fruit-forward beverage.

Half Sack // 6.9% // caramel + roasted nut

Let’s talk testicles. This beer was brewed for a close friend of ours recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. With that, $1 from every tasting room pour will go to research dedicated to the disease. The beer itself is a classic Brown Ale: heavy biscuit and nuttiness characteristics with slight sweetness and a dark brown appearance. Willamette hop additions bring minimal flavor, focusing more on bitterness instead. Highly crushable for the style.


Side Hustle Soda // pineapple + orange

Non-alcoholic Pineapple Orange soda made exclusively for our tasting room by Side Hustle Syrups (Spokane Valley, WA). Great for kids and/or designated drivers.