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Angel IPA // 6.5% // grapefruit + spring flowers

Our take on the classic west coast India Pale Ale. The hops are front and center to this beer, but the overwhelming hop bitterness that is pervasive to the style is non-existent. Warrior, Amarillo, Palisade, and Citra hops make for slightly-citrus and heavy floral sensory characteristics. 10% of all tasting rooms sales from this beer go to local charities.

Fluffy Puffy Sunshine // 6.5% // ripe orange + soft body

This true-to-type New England India Pale Ale is a citrus-centric beverage with a creamy, big body. Citra and El Dorado provide orange fruit characteristics and the hefty amount of oats leaves enough residual sugars for a large body and completely opaque appearance. Very low bitterness.

Pouring Past // 6.5% // blueberry + dank

We brewed this West Coast India Pale Ale with 100% LINC Genie Pale malt for a light straw color and some vague residual sweetness. Like IPAs of the past, this throwback utilizes Cascade hops as the primary and Mosaic as the follow-up, creating a pine-forward beverage with passionfruit undertones.

Point to Point // 6.6% // citrus + the whole orchard

This seasonal New England IPA is back. Hopped with varietals from both hemispheres – Taiheke + Simcoe – we really tried to highlight the amazing products that come from both hop-growing regions. Tons of orange and stone fruit throughout with an aroma that can only be described as “the whole damn orchard”.

Soprano // 5.7% // blueberry + peach + tart

Unlike a Wild Sour, a Fruited Kettle Sour doesn’t have many sensory complexities. They are what you expect. After the mash, the wort is left in the kettle for nearly 48 hours in order to let the Lactobacillus do its job: make the beer sour. After the boil, where Pacifica hops and lactose are added, we introduce blueberry and peach purees to give it some oomph. The entire process leads to a beer that is tart, sweet, and tastes like…well…blueberry and peach.

Genie // 5.7% // fresh-cut grass + grapefruit

Brewed with Warrior, Cascade, and Simcoe, this light-bodied pale ale is perfect for general sipping. The star of the show is the malt bill, which includes 100% Genie Pale malt from LINC Malt + Horlacher Farms. Slightly bitter but not overly aggressive.

Kerrs Premium Lager // 4.9% // mellow + crisp

Kerrs was lagered for two months in our brand new lagering tanks for maximum crispiness. Using 100% LINC Genie Pale malt and hopped with small doses of Cascade and Warrior, this beer is refreshing and light with tones of earth, grass, and slight tropical fruit.

Fireside // 7.8% // whiskey + plum

Our seasonal barrel-aged release is back starting Friday, Sept. 30th. Aged for a year in Triticale whiskey barrels provided by Dry Fly Distilling (Spokane, WA), this heavy milk stout exudes notes of ripe plum, oak, and chocolate. To be consumed next to a crackling fireplace. ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE NITRO TAP.

The Departed // 6.5% // toffee + grain

As an American classic, the Amber ale is one of the most approachable styles of beer. Focusing on the malt, this style imparts sweetness in tune with residual notes of caramel and bread. Minimal Cascade hop introductions throughout the boil give it a slight bitterness with a medium mouthfeel.


Side Hustle Soda // mango + orange

Non-alcoholic soda made exclusively for our tasting room by Side Hustle Syrups (Spokane Valley, WA). Great for kids and/or designated drivers.

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