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Angel IPA // 6.5% // grapefruit + spring flowers

Our take on the classic west coast India Pale Ale. The hops are front and center to this beer, but the overwhelming hop bitterness that is pervasive to the style is non-existent. Warrior, Amarillo, Palisade, and Citra hops make for slightly-citrus and heavy floral sensory characteristics. 10% of all tasting rooms sales from this beer go to local charities.

Fluffy Puffy Sunshine // 6.5% // ripe orange + soft body

This true-to-type New England India Pale Ale is a citrus-centric beverage with a creamy, big body. Citra and El Dorado provide orange fruit characteristics and the hefty amount of oats leaves enough residual sugars for a large body and completely opaque appearance. Very low bitterness.

Dishman Hills Pilsner // 5.4% // straw + lemon

Dishman Hills is an unfiltered Pilsner brewed with 100% locally-grown malts. Hopped with Saaz + Perle, the aroma on this beer is downright absurd thanks to the high levels of Humulene oils. Crisp and slightly bitter from the low alpha acids, Dishman Hills exudes notes of lemon and pepper with the prominent characteristic of dry straw.

Velvet Trend // 8.5% // cherry + chocolate

Silky, smooth, and confident: Just like anyone that would wear velvet in public. This cherry chocolate milk stout is dripping in residual sweetness from the nine varieties of grain in the grist. Heavy notes of chocolate and slight remnants of Bing cherry on the backend.

Golden Ratio // 6.4% // papaya + earth

Brewed with locally-grown rye grains from LINC Malt, this Rye IPA is relatively light-bodied and smooth. Due to the rye, GR exhibits a slight backend bitterness expected from this assortment of grist grains. Spiced with Ekuanot + Nugget for flavoring and Warrior for bittering, you’ll hopefully notice flavors of papaya, pitchy orange, and after-rain aromas.

Unintentional Consequences // 7.4% // grapefruit + tea leaf

This NEIPA was made with a base of 100% locally-malted grains from LINC Malt. Hopped with Vic Secret, Ekuanot, and Calypso, UC is rife with tropical fruit flavors and a subtle nose despite a significant dry hop of the three aforementioned hops.

Brand New Paddle // 6.4% // papaya + blueberry + lemon

Brewed by our assistant brewer, Mitch, as his first ever on the big system. This NEIPA is soft, juicy, and laden with smooth tropical flavors. Hopped with Mosaic, Cashmere, and Ella, Mitch really knocked it out of the park on this one.

Couples Skate // 8.2% // blueberry + lime

Collaboration with Lumberbeard Brewing (Spokane, WA). This double NEIPA is loaded with Mosaic and Motueka hops, making for a tropical fruit bomb. The grist has a significant amount of flaked oats + wheat, so the body is smooth and girthy. Such a delicious drinker.

The Grey Season // 7.5% // pineapple + mango

This Northwest Rye IPA is a bright and fruity beverage bursting with pineapple, peach, mango, and stone fruit. Hopped with Galaxy, Ekuanot, and Saaz for a tropical mish-mash with a slight bite at the end thanks to the hefty amounts of rye used in the grist.

Parade // 5.4% // pine + lemon

Brewed in collaboration with the Spokane Lilac Festival Association. A portion of proceeds from this beer will help support their mission. This Pilsner is loaded Lyon Pilsner malt and hopped on both the hot and cold side exclusively with Topaz. Super light and clear, it’s the perfect day drinker for any day.

The Departed // 6.2% // bread + straw

As an American classic, the Amber ale is one of the most approachable styles of beer. Focusing on the malt, this style imparts sweetness in tune with residual notes of caramel and bread. Minimal Cascade hop introductions throughout the boil give it a slight bitterness with a medium mouthfeel.

Main & Montgomery // 6.6% // clove + banana

A collaboration with Black Label Brewing Company (Spokane, WA). This traditional saison was made with love using Perle, Mosaic, and Lemondrop hops. The combination of those hops and a traditional saison yeast makes for aggressive notes of clove, stone fruit, and banana.

Riverbend // 5.7% // coffee + vanilla

A true Porter in the sense that it is brewed with a light, soft body but bursts with flavors focusing on the grain bill. We add coffee from 4 Seasons Coffee Roasters (Spokane, WA) and cold brew it in-house before the post-fermentation addition. Glacier + Warrior hops are used to provide a classic – albeit slight – spice on the back of the tongue.

Soprano // 5.7% // tart + raspberry

Unlike a Wild Sour, a Fruited Kettle Sour doesn’t have many sensory complexities. They are what you expect. After the mash, the wort is left in the kettle for nearly 48 hours in order to let the Lactobacillus do its job: make the beer sour. After the boil, where Pacifica hops and lactose are added, we introduce raspberry puree to give it some oomph. The entire process leads to a beer that is tart, sweet, and tastes like…well…raspberries.

Frugal Man // 4.9% // orange + lemon

Brewed as our entry to the inaugural Valley Cup Brewoff. This Session NEIPA is loaded with Triumph, Amarillo, and Idaho 7 hops, making for a rich and fantastic sensory compilation of ripe orange, lemon + lime, and lychee. Very light body in accordance with the style. Super easy drinker.


Side Hustle Soda // blueberry + lemon

Non-alcoholic blueberry lemon soda made exclusively for our tasting room by Side Hustle Syrups (Spokane Valley, WA). Great for kids and/or designated drivers.

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